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It's today!!

Me after 10:30!!!!!

The Book Worm

How do I feel today?

How do I feel today?

I will share some pictures cause I have no words!!!

I think I proved my point!!
I am OK!!!!!!
The book worm

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New week, new hope

Hey guys!

A new week full of opportunities! Not that I have a lot of free time (what is even that??? lol), but my tyre problem is solved! Thanks, Kwikfit!

So now I am really focusing on my last bits of studying. Next Friday I have an OSCE for my A&E course and then hopefully I am done! Fingers crossed and pray for me!!!!

Until then, not much will happen... But I will be back with a lot of new ideas for the blog hehe

Suggestions are welcome!

The Book Worm

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Hey mates!
Today I had one heck of an experience.
Let's say that my Sunday was going amazing until I managed to get a flat tyre!!! And it happened in the worst place ever... middle of a countryside road bah
Luckily, there was a police car with two nice policemen that stop to help... but unfortunately, they were not able to change the tyre due to one of the tools to be useless.
Guys seriously sometimes things just don't want to happen easily.

Always hated paperwork... and today I had the proof that you can find both idiots and amazing people while dealing with drama. The insurance people were not easy to deal on the phone (my hubby was the one who actually managed to talk to them while at work), and people passing by... while I stayed standing for at least 20 minutes with a toddler in my arms, only two cars stopped to help.
The first one, a couple of parents to be were really sweet but didn't managed to help. The tools they had were too big for my car.
The second was a Romanian fa…