Thursday, 14 March 2019

#27 - Becoming, Michelle Obama

By Michelle Obama

Published:  13th november 2018
Genre: non fiction, autobiography
Edition:  Audiobook
Source: Monthly subscription
HOURS: 19.1h
Pages: 426
My rating: 5/5 
Goodreads rating: 4.65/5
Read: 2019

This was definetly one of the books of the year of 2018 that I really wanted to read. However, when I went to the book shop and saw such a big book I had my doubts that I would be reading it soon. But then, something happen! I made the decision of subscribe audiobooks from Kobo, to give it a try... and guess what? Found that this book is narrated no other than by Michelle Herself! So then I saw THE oportunity! 
Why did I find it so fascinating? Being an autobiograpy narrated by the person herself I could feel the emotions during the reading. The good, the bad, the sad and the happy! 
I couldn't stop listening to it until the book was finished. 
The magic of audiobooks is that you can listen in the train (even if you are standing) or even when you are doing some housework (which was my case lol).
About the book itself: 
- It is quite interesting to see the begginings up to post presidency of the family Obama. It tells the story since she was a little girl full of dreams until the struggle of becoming a working mum and also the first lady. It tells us some funny stories with celebreties, the fights during presidency and at the same time how was, which feelings they had while at the white house and trying to give a normal life to the girls.
The book has a light and easy speach and language. However it touches themes of the presidency thay are not so light.
I really enjoyed reading it and I totally reccommend!
All the best!

The Book Worm

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Baby Book Worm Read #6 - Peppa Pig: Chinese New Year, by Neville Astley

Peppa Pig: Chinese New Year
By Neville Astley

Published: 27th December 2018
Genre: Children
Edition: Paperback
Source: Bought
Pages: 26
My Rating: 5/5
Goodreads rating: 5/5
Read: February 2019

This is another book from Peppa's collection. Read to my kid on Chinese New Year. Although he is still too young to understand these celebrations and to stay quiet while I'm reading it to you, it is always a good exercise. 
What I liked the most is the colours of the book and the simple explanation for this celebration. 
He once in a while would stay quiet and listen or just pay attention to the colours which made me happy hehe!