Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Life as it is

Hi lovely people!

Life is so ironic and at the same time so funny... 
More than a year ago I started a journey that would change my life: finding out that I was pregnant and everything changed. Had an amazing pregnant time. No sickness, ate everything, worked almost to the end, exercised and had fun!
Then I started my mat leave and all of a sudden had a new life (two weeks before expected) to take care of. I embraced the responsibility and during the fourth trimester, although I was tired, I managed to start this blog. 
But then life really began. After a blurry trimester, basically feeding, changing nappies and cuddling, Bubba started growing and wanting more attention from me. Then after six months, he needed to start weaning, and so on and so on. 
Now that things are settling and I am really loving this time... I will have to go back to work (buaaaaahhhhhhhh). But that's ok. I will have more discipline and pay more attention to this space (honestly I have been so exhausted that all my readings are in standby) but forgive me if I only manage to post two to three times a week, but I am really busy either working or enjoying Bubba and my hubby :)

Enjoy the readings and the news that I will be posting!

The Book Worm

Sunday, 1 July 2018


Hello bookworms!!!!!

After a very long time here I am!
This last few months have been crazy! Between starting weaning my little one and getting a new routine of going to activities and all that.... no time (or energy) for anything else.
Still on maternity leave (almost finishing) and preparing myself for a new job... how exciting .... and exhausting can that be? However, I am restarting my writing and I am realistically comiting to 2 to 3 posts a week. Cannot do more because I am starting new routines.... when all is settled, I will make sure that more interesting things will start go appear here!

Thanks guys!!!!

The book worm