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Challenges 2019

Hello guys!

Every beginning of the year we are exposed to several reading challenges and it is difficult to decide which one to take.
Last year I went overboard thinking that I would read tons since I was on mat leave. How wrong was I! However, I still managed to read quite a lot.
This year I will only tell which challenges I am undertaking after February so I can filter which one really suits me!

So far I have read 3 books that I have post the review and 3 more and on its way!
I love when you guys give me some kind of feedback and for that I say THANKS!!!
This is a space to share or just to read and tell. Not expecting becoming an influencer in books but for me writing about what I have read is becoming an important intellectual exercise.

Great readings!

The Book Worm

#26 - The onesies, fall (Totlandia #1) (3/2019)

The onesies, fall By Josie Brown

Published:  16th August 2014 Genre: fiction, parenting Edition:  ebook Source: free Pages: 202 My rating: 2/5  Goodreads rating: 3.26/5
Read: 2019

When I saw this book on Kobo for free I thought it would be a good light reading to have a laugh and see myself as a mother (something like the tv series The Let down). However, I felt super disappointed when I started reading but I gave it a shot not to start the year with a DNF book.
What can I say? What was supposed to be a light reading started to feel a tough one because I didn't enjoy... Didn't see myself in the story and the whole argument was weak and I felt like not wanting to read more.
Basically, this is a story about upper-middle-class people with kids that have an exclusive club for them and you need to prove that you and your kid deserve to be there. More than that, working mums are not seen as good members because they are supposedly less available for activities and so on. 
Four kids are at stake …

#25 - Alaskan Holiday (2/2019)

Alaskan Holiday By Debbie Macomber

Published:  15th November 2018 Genre: romance, holiday, Christmas Edition:  paperback Source: Bought Pages: 237 My rating: 4/5  Goodreads rating: 3.62/5
Read: 2019

This book is written in two voices: Hers and His. We can see all the action happening in two different perspectives which can give a different dynamic to the story the author wants to tell.
Josie is a girl with a temporary job in a small town in Alaska that during winter months is impossible to give you a normal life. While she is there working, she gets to know the village people and making a few friends. One day she gets a job in a restaurant with a Michelin star chef that makes her move to Seatle, her hometown. But when that happens she is not sure that is the best for her. She started developing feelings for Palmer and so does he. However, she knows she has to give it a shot but at the same time she wants to follow her heart!
The book is light reading, good enough for a good time away from everyda…

#24 - Harry Potter: A History of magic (1/2019)

Harry Potter: A History of Magic By British Library

Published:  20th October 2017 Genre: Fantasy Edition:  Hardback Source: Gift Pages: 256 My rating: 5/5  Goodreads rating: 4.23/5
Read: 2019

This is the official book from the exhibition that took place at the British Library. Unfortunately, I couldn't go but this Christmas my husband decided to offer to me.
When I saw this book at the bookshops I thought this was going to be something totally different. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the contents. One can think at first that is a disappointment what you find as content but you start reading and enjoying a lot! 
Basically, I thought the idea of this book was to show to the muggle world what wizard students were reading at the History of Magic Classes. But no. This book is based on historical artefacts that ancient civilizations had and modern people discovered that can be related to witchcraft. 
The key point that I found brilliant is that the authors related those objects with the mag…

First post of the year - Challenges

Hello people!
This last year I wanted to do more and read more. As a first-time mum, I lived thinking I was going to have time for everything and being a superwoman. Did not work. Not feeling the guilt.  At the beginning of the year, I set the standards high. Have only completed one challenge. This year, however, have set goals month by month and let's see if they are manageable. Going to try to write once a week at least with at least one weekly review. If the first-month works, I will try to increase.  Again, I am a working mum, a woman, a mum, a wife... so many things... I am still adjusting and adapting. My first goal of all will be to use my time better :)
In a month I will let you know what I have accomplished.
For now, still closed for holidays, going to meet family in the first few days of January and then I will restart!
Have fun and a wonderful 2019
The Book Worm

Happy new year!

Happy new year!
May 2019 be the best year so far and with a lot of good books and family time. May your wishes find a way to become reality!
We will be seeing each other much more next year!
Have fun bookworms!
The Book Worm