New year, old and new me!

Today's post is more of a reflection than anything else.

Throughout our lives, we do things, we live matters and see people coming and going. 
These experiences make us who we are today. Our society is always expecting more and more, and frustration are common.
Every person has so many different roles... you are a daughter/son, wife/husband, friend, professional, etc.... but who are you, really, for sure? Who am I? Do you really know? 
For me, life has been a rollercoaster but an amazing and beautiful journey. 

So why not share with the world?

I am a very discreet and not share my whole life kind of person... even a bit an introvert.

However, I think its time for me to open a bit and that way to share a bit about myself to you guys. I promise I will be honest and transparent whenever I share something in this space.

I started this blog a couple of years ago, due to my feelings of isolation due to my maternity leave. Once my little one started to grow up and require more and more time from me, I ended up giving up a bit of this space and even not caring so much of myself and the ones around me. 
This time no promises on how often I am writing. I always end up taking much longer than what I promise. The only thing I will say is that I will be here more frequently. 

A little bit about myself...

I am 32, and I was born in the north of this beautiful sunny European country called Portugal.
Studied to become a nurse, and since then, I have worked in different realities. 
I have worked in the community in challenging neighbourhoods. Also, had done some works to try to improve the medical literacy within these communities and even studied to become a mental health specialist nurse.

However, my destiny was to come to the UK. Since ever I remember saying I would love to go out of my comfort zone and follow the example that my forefathers set and explore the world. Started with a few trips since a young age and culminated with my moving to the UK. 
Here, I have worked in trauma and orthopaedics, and accident and emergency. Now, I am moving to a new project in my old love, orthopaedics and hope to settle there.

All these different settings helped me to improve as a professional but also as a human being. Working in healthcare makes you mature quicker, and people's suffering is hardcore to deal with along with their anxiety and challenging behaviour. The actual reality of NHS hospitals, so often short-staffed and facing an ageing population...You can find professional burnout, lack of patience but above all lack of sleep and balance of personal life, of such great importance to keep your mind healthy.

In my personal life, things are amazing. Have the most amazing "partner in crime" aka "pain in the bump hubby". He has been my rock for ages!
Also, a little devil who is two years old, baby N who was a high demand baby but now he is so sweet and crazy as well (runs in the family what can I say). Starting to be a cheeky boy and speaking like a parrot, every day I end up with a smile and grumpy face all at the same time!

In my house, there is still space for some pets. I have two tortoises (who at the moment have a temporary home but will soon be improved and I will show the process of moving). Their names are trouble and clumsy. They have been with me almost since I moved to this country.

Finally, Duggee is the new life being in the house. A working cocker spaniel, black coat and 10 months old. You can imagine how crazy he is! But so loyal and loves us to bits.

Now, since I am starting a new cycle with a new job, I decided to invest more in my family and me and my hobbies. 
I love photography, and I am spending ages to organise all the photos I have and selecting for albums and printing!
Writing in the blog which I hope will be more often.
And reading.

Regarding the blog, I am still thinking and planning the new vision, but one thing is for sure. Cannot be only about books because I do not have enough availability to publish so many reviews per month. I will make it a lifestyle blog, and we take it from there.

In the meantime, if you want to know me a bit better, can always check the Instagram page @jo_ribeirob

You can always comment below or send an email for

Hope to hear from you soon. I will be around. That's for sure.

The Book Worm


  1. Good point of NHS, maybe some photography to blog :)?

    1. It is a plan. Will try in the near future :) Thanks for the suggestion and stay around!


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