Saturday, 19 January 2019

#26 - The onesies, fall (Totlandia #1) (3/2019)

The onesies, fall
By Josie Brown

Published:  16th August 2014
Genre: fiction, parenting
Edition:  ebook
Source: free
Pages: 202
My rating: 2/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.26/5
Read: 2019

When I saw this book on Kobo for free I thought it would be a good light reading to have a laugh and see myself as a mother (something like the tv series The Let down). However, I felt super disappointed when I started reading but I gave it a shot not to start the year with a DNF book.
What can I say? What was supposed to be a light reading started to feel a tough one because I didn't enjoy... Didn't see myself in the story and the whole argument was weak and I felt like not wanting to read more.
Basically, this is a story about upper-middle-class people with kids that have an exclusive club for them and you need to prove that you and your kid deserve to be there. More than that, working mums are not seen as good members because they are supposedly less available for activities and so on. 
Four kids are at stake for two vacancies and they and their mothers (never the fathers) have to prove worthy of it. 
I developed the feeling this is so fake kind of story against what I support that I almost put this book as a DNF.
More than that, when you finish reading the book you are with a huge cliff hanger. You have to read a lot of following books to know how does this story end. Also, the kind of reading I found in this book is a bit poor and not captivating.
Not reading the following books. In my humble opinion, it is a waste of time that I can spend on other more interesting stories!

All the best!

The Book Worm

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

#25 - Alaskan Holiday (2/2019)

Alaskan Holiday
By Debbie Macomber

Published:  15th November 2018
Genre: romance, holiday, Christmas
Edition:  paperback
Source: Bought
Pages: 237
My rating: 4/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.62/5
Read: 2019

This book is written in two voices: Hers and His. We can see all the action happening in two different perspectives which can give a different dynamic to the story the author wants to tell.
Josie is a girl with a temporary job in a small town in Alaska that during winter months is impossible to give you a normal life. While she is there working, she gets to know the village people and making a few friends. One day she gets a job in a restaurant with a Michelin star chef that makes her move to Seatle, her hometown. But when that happens she is not sure that is the best for her. She started developing feelings for Palmer and so does he. However, she knows she has to give it a shot but at the same time she wants to follow her heart!
The book is light reading, good enough for a good time away from everyday stress. The characters are ok for the genre. It's not a Nobel prize kind of book but good enough for keeping us wanting to know what is going to happen.
Recommend if you are in between heavy readings.

All the best!

The Book Worm