#3 The little prince

The Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Published: 1943

Genre: Classic, fiction, fantasy, children, cultural, France

Edition: Paperback

Source: Purchased

Pages: 93

My Rating: 5/5 

Goodreads: 4.29/5 

Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.

This is no doubt one of my favourite books ever! 
This book is one of most translated in the world!

The Character

1. Little Prince

A child. A little prince who leaves his planet for the journey of his life. He is trying to understand the adults but with no success. During his trip, he meets the other characters of this story.
He symbolises the innocence, childhood, hope and love.

2. Narrator
He is the pilot who spends eight days in the desert with the little prince. He is an adult, he draws for the prince and feels sad when has to say goodbye to the child.

3. The Rose

A flower that expresses love for the prince but also makes him go away. She is naive, vain and tries to convince the prince to stay at home and not to be an adventurer. She has a place in the prince's heart and thoughts.

4. The Snake
The first living being that the prince meets on Earth. This snake is a mystery and always talking in riddles. She evokes the Biblical episode of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit.

5. The Fox

The fox helps the Little Prince in important matters of his life.
These character lessons are basically three: 1) love entails being responsible, 2) only the heart is able to see correctly and 3) when the prince is away from the rose he appreciates her better.

I could write about all the other characters but these ones are the most important ones!!!

The Plot

This whole story is a philosophical metaphor of life itself. What should we be paying attention and how simple things make all the difference. This is a story about a little prince that left his planet and goes in his biggest adventure meeting new people and learning new lessons on the way!

Where the action takes place
In different places of the universe.

How is it written
I read the translated version because I am not good in French. The book is easy to ready and very light. However, it has an amazing message within and everybody should read it at least once in their lives!

The writing;
The plot;
The little prince;
The drawings.

I love everything about the book!


  • Amazon: paperback £2.42 to £12.49, kindle £0.99
  • Watertones: paperback £6.49 to £8.99
  • Foyles: paperback £2.50 to £12.99
  • WHSmith: paperback £2.25 to £11.95
  • Kobo: ebook £0.50 to £4.60, audiobook £12.29

In conclusion
This book is for people of all ages. Actually, I would say every person should read the book at different ages of her/his life.
It is a beautiful example of literature and does not forget that the first edition ever was released in 1943!

Did you read this book? What did you think about it? Do you agree with this review or not? Feel free to share with this community!!!

Good readings!!!!

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