#4 Miss Kane's Christmas

Miss Kane's Christmas
by Caroline Mickelson

Published: 18th October 2012

Genre: Holidays, Christmas, Romance, Women's fiction, Fantasy, 

Edition: Ebook

Source: Free download in Kobo (in 2016)

Pages: 154

My Rating: 3/5 

Goodreads: 3.67/5 

Found this book by mistake last year, due to want something for Christmas reading!
At first may seem that is not very interesting.... however... it is light and sweet and I recommend.

The Character

1. Carol Claus

Santa Claus' daughter. Her father asked her to help to save the Christmas. To fulfil this task she travels from north pole to Ben's house and tries to give back the magic of Christmas. She plays as nanny Carol.

2. Ben
A single father that doesn't believe on Christmas or Santa Claus.

The Plot

This is a very easy and light book to read. Santa Claus asks his daughter to save the Christmas. Carol travels to Ben's house where she is a nanny. While there she brings the decoration to the house with the help of the elves and during her stay she started feeling attracted to Ben....

Where the action takes place
At Ben's place.

How is it written
Very light reading, it is a light Christmas story that anyone of any age can read. You can travel to the days when you were an innocent child.

The writing;

Nothing to say.


In conclusion
You can read this book in a short period of time. Anyone of any age can read it and hopefully travel to the happy childhood times.

Did you read this book? What did you think about it? Do you agree with this review or not? Feel free to share with this community!!!

Good readings!!!!

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