#15 - The Holiday Swap by Zara Stoneley

The Holiday Swap
By Zara Stoneley

Published: 22 September 2016
Genre: Holiday, Christmas, romance
Edition: Ebook 
Source: Bought
Pages: 392
My rating: 4/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.86/5
Read: 2018
"Love does seem to be all around this christmas - and in the places Flo and Daisy least expect to find it, but where will they be in the new year?" 
By Goodreads 

The Plot 
Imagine three old friends. One (Flo) lives in Barcelona and goes on a Holiday with her boyfriend thinking he is going to propose. The second one (Daisy) is with her boyfriend and he proposes... and she doesn't know what to answer. The third, Anna, manages a short escape for the three. 
This is only the beginning.
When the three friends get together there is an idea of Flo and Daisy to swap lives for a couple of weeks. Flo goes to Daisy's house and Daisy goes to Flo's place. 
And then the action begins. Full of descriptions of amazing places, new friendships and, who knows... love.
A not so Christmas story...
A journey of self-discovery and adventures. 

Where the action takes place 
Flo's place is Barcelona and Daisy's place is a small place Tipermere, Cheshire.

How is it written
Really good descriptions that make us want to go to the English Countryside or Barcelona!
Romantic views as well.

The descriptions.
The fact that doesn't focus on Christmas per si but on the relationships.

The fact that Anna's character is not that important. She barely appears.

Amazon: £7.99; Kindle: £2.99
Waterstones: £7.99
Foyles: £7.99
WH Smith: £5.59
Kobo: £2.99

In Conclusion 
A very nice book to read. Flirty, easy going, charming and with amazing descriptions. This book made me want to get a flight and travel to Barcelona or a train to go to the English Countryside. 
On the other hand, the history itself it is quite real and people can relate to that to a certain extent.
I think that this book would really make a very nice, light and funny romantic comedy movie. It has everything: drama, romance, funny and clumsy bits!
Totally recommend. 


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