#16 - My first book of bedtime stories by Tig Thomas

My first book of bedtime stories
By Tig Thomas

Published: 1st august 2016
Genre: Children
Edition: Paperbook 
Source: Bought
Pages: 512
My rating: 5/5 
Goodreads rating: 5/5
Read: 2018

The Plot 
This is a book of several children stories. It is divided in four parts: Once upon a time, strange and silly, animal antics and tricks and teases. They are short sotires, come of them I knew, some don't and it is beautifully written. Also it is accompained with beautiful drawings.

Where the action takes place 
Lots of different places of our imagination.

How is it written
Simple and beautiful language.

The drawings, the stories.

Nothing to say.

Amazon: from £1.35
Waterstones: £14.99
Foyles: £14.99
WH Smith: Out of stock!

In Conclusion 
This is quite an interesting activity to do with lil book worm. Although he is only three months old he is already really focus when we look at him and start telling stories. Last night I had this amazing experience seeing him smilling with the stories and at the same time falling asleep. I am reading as much as I can to him. It helps bounding and develop some things like attention and language. This book turned out to be an amazing tool. And I must say I bought it in WHSmith a few months ago for just £5!!!!


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