#9 Harry Potter: The Prequel (Harry Potter 0.5)

Harry Potter: the prequel
By J. K. Rowling

Published: 11 June 2008
Genre: Fantasy, Short stories, fiction
Edition: online
Source: web
Pages: 4
My rating: 1/5 
Goodreads rating: 4.21/5
Read in: 2018

“Names!”“Names?” repeated the long-haired driver. “Er – well, let’s see. There’s Wilberforce… Bathsheba… Elvendork…”“And what’s nice about that one is, you can use it for a boy or a girl,” said the boy in glasses.“Oh, OUR names, did you mean?” asked the first, as Anderson spluttered with rage. “You should’ve said! This here is James Potter, and I’m Sirius Black!”

I felt so disappointed.

The Plot 
In this short story, we review Sirius Black and James Potter three years before Harry is born. It is so short that the reader, instead of being clarified about the story, starts raising even more questions.

How is it written
A really short story, simple and raising questions.

The fact that this story was written for a charity - English PEN and Dyslexia Society.

Too short.
Not having answers.

Free. Just google it.

In Conclusion 
I felt very disappointed. I only heard about this short prequel this year and as a good Potterhead, I tried to find it ASAP. When I read it I felt disappointed. The only good things in it are 1 it was for charity and 2) it is well written. This story leaves us with questions, isn't properly what we can call a prequel because we don't find out much about the characters... I would rather prefer reading a bigger book.


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