ARC #2 - Breaking up is hard to do...But you could've done better by Hillary Fitzgerald Campbel

Breaking up is hard to do...But you could've done better
By Hillary Fitzgerald Campbel

Published: 10th January 2017
Genre: Comics, Humor
Edition: Ebook
Source: NetGalley
Pages: 96
My rating: 3/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.35/5
Read: 2018

To that one dude,

for being such an inspirational dick. 
Everybody at some point in their lives had a bad break up. This book is exactly that: a compilation of the worst breakups ever! 
Imagine a really bad situation... so bad that becomes comic.... This is what the book is all about.

What did I not like the book?
I honestly didn't like the cover. I know it is some kind of reminder of when Carrie Bradshaw got dumped by a post it in Sex and the City... But there is something missing...

Some of the stories could at least be better written or be stronger... Sometimes it seems it is just another story to fulfil the book. Some stories could have a bit more content.

The writing is nothing special.

And what did I like?
Loved the title. This was THE reason I really wanted to try to read this book. Catchy title.
The drawings. Most of the stories have one drawing that accompanies them. And they are super comic.
The mix of the stories that the book shows.
And, of course... the "GUY" to whom this book is dedicated!

I tried to find the book in online shopping. No success. For now, if you want to read try the Net Galley. The publisher is really nice and will send the pdf to you!

In Conclusion 
I think this reading was a very light reading. You can read it very quickly and have much fun with it. Of course, there is always space to improve and that is what life is all about.
And do not forget... Everybody already had a bad break up. But it was the best thing that ever happened. Even if the person does not realise at the moment!!!!

P.S. After writing the review in NetGalley the publisher contacted me and he is really nice. He auto approved me to the rest of their books so I could feel free to read and review them!

P.S.2. This is an ARC of 2017


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