Audiobooks - Yes or No

Audiobooks - Yes or No

My question today is related with audiobooks. Personally, I have never tried and I have mixed feelings regarding this. However, I am a bit curious and concerned about them at the same time. I feel that this is a bit like my feelings regarding ebooks. If at first I didn't want to invest and try them, nowadays they are a big part of my life.

Regarding audiobooks I think they can be good if:
1) you are very tired to focus on reading but at the same time dont want to loose the moment to "read" the books;
2) Time saving (for example I get sick if reading while on movement, so with audiobooks I would avoid wasting reading time);
3) There are subscriptions on amazon, kobo....

On the other hand:
1) It is not the same as reading;
2) Can work as a lullaby and people would fall asleep.
3) The audiobooks are expensive. Are the subscriptions really worth it?

I haven't read a lot yet about audiobooks. However I intend to. 

I would also like to have a few opinions of you guys... What do you think? Do you have any experience on this?

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