Family reading... or how it helps me to bound and get closer to my hubby and Little book worm

Family reading... 
or how it helps me to bound and get closer to my hubby and Little bookworm

I want to share with you something personal. Although this blog is mainly for book reviews, once in a while I like to bring some different issues to debate.
What do you feel about family reading time?
Personally, I just love it.
Have to confess. My boy is super young, three and a half months but the time we spend while reading is just unbelievable.
I wanted to get him used to have two storytimes a day. Once before the naptime the other just before going to sleep. I know... getting him used to this will make me have to do it for a very long time... but I am not concerned. Reading is good in so many areas. Helps develop speech and language, helps develop the brain and the ability of thinking by himself, develops creativity and above all is an amazing way for us to cuddle and bounding.

Other strategies include:

a) Reading next to him while he plays at his gym;

b) Always have books around him;

c) Going to bookshops frequently (he loves to explore while is in the carrier)

d) I make different sounds while reading (including calm voice at night to make him fall asleep);

e) we do it as a family time;

What can I say?
I feel so close to my family during this time.

And as a secret extra that he doesn't understand... I give his piggy bank one pound every time we finish a book at home. His book, mine or the daddy bookworm...

In this world where it's easier to watch tv and keep your kids quiet with a tablet or anything else related to technology I just want to influence my kid to love the books...

This money I will put in his account once a year... What a great way of saving money!

And you? Do you read to your kids? 

The Book Worm


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