Platform NetGalley

Platform NetGalley

While I was browsing and surfing in the web, I found this platform. Have you ever heard about it? I personally haven't.

So, I decided to investigate further.

Basically, NetGalley is a platform with the purpose of connect publishers, reviewers, book bloggers, parents, educators, media and booksellers all over the world.

It offers digitally ARC's (Advanced Reading copies) in order to promote and help books to succeed.

It works with publishers from US, UK, Canada, Australia and france to release new titles for this community.

What do we have to do to be part of it? (or How does it work?)

1) Set up a free account (including all your media stuff like Blog, Goodreads, Twitter...).

2) Discover which new books you want to read.

3) Read the book digitally. They offer formats for different platforms.

4) Write review and share with them (and the world).

5) Enjoy being part of the community!

Extra: And of course do not forget to buy hardcover/paperback cover of your favourite books!!

P.S. First ARC review.... TODAY :)

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