#18 - The Wedding Caper by Laura Briggs (#1 of the series)

The Wedding Caper
By Laura Briggs

Published: ?
Genre: Romance
Edition: Ebook
Source: Free
Pages: 71
My rating: 3/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.64/5
Read: Jan 2018

The Plot 
Imagine you want that the most known wedding planner of the city organises your big day! Unfortunately, she is unavailable and sends her assistant to cancel all her new clients. Fine. She arrives at the client meeting and they (bride and mother of the bride) assume that she is the planner and do not let her explain. They assume she is the planner and start in a monologue of creating and organising the wedding...
The assistent, Gwen, deep down wants to prove her value and dips into a no return situation.
How is this going to end?
What has the groom to say about it?

Amazon: Free
Kobo: Free

In Conclusion 
This is a light reading romance, especially for ladies. The first book of the wedding caper series... made me want to read more of this books! Just for fun, especially if you are tired and with not much energy to focus on complex books.


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