#19 - The Holiday Bride by Laura Briggs (#2 of the series)

The Holiday Bride
By Laura Briggs

Published: 1st December 2015
Genre: Romance
Edition: Ebook
Source: Bought
Pages: 121
My rating: 4/5 
Goodreads rating: 4.38/5
Read: Feb 2018

The Plot 
After the disaster that made Gwen being sacked, she is fighting for her new firm. This means that she has all the problems of a new firm in town, including getting new clients... Until one day she gets a very famous one! And what a trouble!!!!! At some point, she meets her former boss... and she challenges Gwen... 
With the future of the firm at stake, what will Gwen do? Will she manage to organise the wedding of the year and save her firm? Or will she lose everything that she works for?
Not to forget, at the same time she is organising her own wedding and everything seems to fall apart...

Amazon: £0.99
Kobo: £0.76

In Conclusion 
Another light reading. This is a really funny romantic comedy. If you want a couple of hours of enjoyable reading this is for you. More for girls than for guys I am sorry to say. It makes us wonder how it will be the last book in the trilogy!


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