#20 - The Bride has two faces by Laura Briggs (#3 of the series)

The Bride has two faces
By Laura Briggs

Published: 17th january 2012
Genre: Romance
Edition: Ebook
Source: Bought
Pages: 121
My rating: 3/5 
Goodreads rating: 3.89/5
Read: Feb 2018

The Plot 
After settling her own firm of event planner Gwen recruited Beatrice. She was working for a while in the firm and not happy for not having an opportunity to shine. Until one day that Gwen requested her to plan a wedding... And it was a friends' wedding.
While the story goes she realises that this wedding is a much bigger challenge than what he was expecting.
So many things at stake. One of the big rules of the firm is (ironically) not getting involved with clients and Bea finds out she knows the groom... and they were not just (good) friends back in university time.
On the other hand, the bride seems to be much more than the typical Bridezilla trying to have the things she wants in her own way. She is a super Bridezilla but... is she trying to hide something? That was a predictable twist but brings an action to the book!

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In Conclusion 
The end of the series. It was not my favourite but I had fun. I never thought in having the so-called dream wedding so I have fun watching the bridezillas! Also, this book shows the new generation of the wedding planning firm that Gwen fought for. Shows that it is worth to pursue your dream and show to the next generation.
It is a fun and light reading!


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