A year of books

A year of books
By Foyles

First I want to say loud and clear: No, I am not being paid for publicity with this post! (unfortunately, ahah)

I decided to write this post after arriving from a long weekend. I was at a train station where there is a Foyles and, of course, could not control myself and decided to go in to see the new releases. 

There, I bumped into this concept that I did not know that existed: I saw publicity of this Year of Books, from Foyles.

And what is it? You ask.

I will give you the answer.

This is a pack of books that you can buy for yourself or anyone you love (and loves books). The person will receive a book every month, chosen by someone in Foyles, an original and new book, that you do not know which one is it.

There are 7 different categories that you can choose as well as prices. You just need to pick the one that suits you the best. The categories are Hardback fiction, Paperback fiction, fiction in translation, Hardback non-fiction, paperback non-fiction, Children's classics and Children's picture books. The prices vary between £135 and £250.

I am seriously considering one of these days to offer my hubby one of these and my Lil one as well... but the lil one needs to be a bit older for that!

And you? What do you think about this? Would you offer to some bookworm? Have you ever tried?

The Book Worm


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