New sections!

Hello guys!

As I told you This last month was chaos. But within the chaos I found time to think about this space and I decided to create two new sections in order to organise the way I blog in here and also to not to let me have too many ARC or kids books to read!
So, the new sections of the blog are "ARC read" and "The Baby Book Worm read", this means:

- "ARC Read" - to keep in shape and updated with the ARC that NetGalley has awarded me:

- "The Baby Book Worm read" - Books that I read for Baby Book Worm and how he reacts. Of course in this first few months he will not understand much but as I have been writing in several posts it is actually a really good exercise for him. These days he even tries to grab the books and play with them!

And of course as usual I have the normal reviews and normal posts as you are used to. I would also like to hear new ideas from you guys in order to improve the blog and keep up to mine and yours expectations.

The Book Worm


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