The Baby Book Worm Read #2 - Little Red Reading Hood, Lucy Rowland

Little Red Reading Hood
By Lucy Rowland

Published: 25rd January 2018
Genre: Children, Classics
Edition: Paperback
Source: Bought
Pages: 36
My Rating: 5/5
Goodreads rating: 4.46/5
Read: March 2018

Imagine one of the most iconic stories of all times... One that no one needs to read it to know how to tell to their kids.... now imagine that someone had an idea and decided to re-tell the story in a comic way.... Of course there are no spoilers around. All of us knows how the story ends... or is that not true? 
This new Little Red loves to read which is something that any bookworm loves to hear... already convinced? No?
Well... the drawings are astounishing!!!

Mum... Stop writing and let me tell what I think about the book!!!!!!!!!!

Mums... anyway... This story my mum says that is a total classic but with some differences... I totally think this author ROCKS! Loved the colours... wanted to play with the book... and my mummy time was amazing while she and I where enjoying the story time.... 

Amazon: £5.99-£9.99, Kindle £5.69
Kobo: £11.99
Waterstones: £5.99
Foyles: £6.99
WHSmith: £5.24

Guys... if you have kids, please buy this book. Me and mum had so much fun that even my father was a bit jealous and came to listen to it. Really bounding time!
The book looks great and the drawings are beautiful!!!


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