The Baby Book Worm Read (TBBWR) #1 and ARC #10 - Pop Lullaby, Andy Gutman

Pop Lullaby
By Andy Gutman

Published: 23rd January 2018
Genre: Children, Lullaby
Edition: PDF
Source: ARC
Pages: 6
My Rating: 3/5
Goodreads rating: 3.25/5
Read: March 2018

This is a short book of bedtime situations that the author tried to transform into a bedtime story.
With strong colours and quite a few drawings, this is a book that you can read very quickly.
Honestly, I and mum did not like that much. It does what is suppose to: draws my (baby) attention due to the images and colours. However, mum did not like much the story itself and the images.

Amazon: £10.02-£17.90, Kindle £4.28
Kobo: £5.73 

If you want to offer a lullaby book there are a few better books than this. However, we reccomend a book from this author: Charlie and the catterpilar and you can read the review here.


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