The Baby Worm Read #4 and ARC #10 - Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger

Inky the Octopus
By Erin Guendelsberger

Publish: 3rd April 2018
Genre: Children
Edition: PDF (via NetGalley)
Source: Free
Pages: 32
My Rating: 5/5
Goodreads rating: 4.45/5
Read: February 2018

Hello, people here I am again! These days I am ruling my Mum's blog! (sorry mum! But not sorry hahaha).

The book I am presenting today is about the real story of an octopus that escaped from New Zealand Aquarium in 2016.
The author tried to recreate the story and gave her personal touch with a bit of imagination the escape. 

I really enjoyed listening to the story that's why I asked mum to accept to be part of the Inky the Octopus The Blog Tour that is going on from 26th of March to 13th of April.
The story is really nice and the book is written like it is a song... in verses. And the drawings!!! Full of colour and really good!

I was actually wanting that the octopus could escape and I was so happy when I realised that he managed!!! OHHHH *spoiler alert*.

Book insights and author details

Source: Publishers

This book is really nice. I really enjoyed listening to the story.
I totally recommend. 

Nailed it!!!!!!


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