First post of the year - Challenges

Hello people!

This last year I wanted to do more and read more.
As a first-time mum, I lived thinking I was going to have time for everything and being a superwoman. Did not work. Not feeling the guilt. 
At the beginning of the year, I set the standards high. Have only completed one challenge. This year, however, have set goals month by month and let's see if they are manageable. Going to try to write once a week at least with at least one weekly review. If the first-month works, I will try to increase. 
Again, I am a working mum, a woman, a mum, a wife... so many things... I am still adjusting and adapting. My first goal of all will be to use my time better :)

In a month I will let you know what I have accomplished.

For now, still closed for holidays, going to meet family in the first few days of January and then I will restart!

Have fun and a wonderful 2019

The Book Worm


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