Change of paradigma

Hey guys!

I realised it has been a while and this happens as a cycle in my blogger life. Once I write a lot and then I am out of the web for a long period. Saying that I don't want to keep apologising, considering that I have a toddler that has more energy than I could ever imagine, and now, a puppy!!! So time is not a thing that I have a lot.
However, I don't want to leave this space so I decided to change a little bit the entire blog idea.
Why? You ask! Well, I haven't read consistently so, truthfully speaking I don't have much to write. 
So, following what I am doing on Instagram (@myworldasabookworm ), I am going to share stuff from my lifestyle, the recipes I try to cook (just try... I do not do fancy stuff lol), tips and things and activities for kids.

Although there is this big change I want to tell you that Books will always be my priority and I will write as many reviews as I can!!!

Thanks a lot and hopefully you will enjoy this space!

The Book Worm


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